Requirements & Lifecycle Management


Codebeamer is a complete lifecycle management solution with comprehensive requirements, risk, and test management capabilities.

Scalable, Integrated, Enterprise-Ready

Codebeamer is an Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) platform for modern product and software development. See how Codebeamer can help your organization to simplify complex product and software engineering at scale.

Codebeamer’s open platform extends application lifecycle management functionalities with product line configuration capabilities, and provides unique configurability for complex processes.

Codebeamer features

Codebeamer’s open platform extends application lifecycle management functionalities with product line configuration capabilities, and provides unique configurability for complex processes.

Agile Project Management

Guarantee clarity and efficient collaboration in planning and managing Agile iterations and releases. Fail early, and fix issues faster.

  • Use Scrum, Kanban, XP, or any other Lean/Agile method
  • Visualize and manage tasks using customizable Kanban boards
  • Support scaled Agile processes (LeSS, DAD, SAFe®)
  • Analyze Agile performance using burndown & other KPI charts


Integrate feedback and align all contributors across the Dev+Ops lifecycle. Focus on delivering value, and use automation automate to streamline processes.

  • Plan, review, and manage your backlog across teams
  • Provide single-pane-of-glass access to Dev+Ops data
  • Automate your CI&CD pipeline & deployment
  • Track and report on DevOps Analytics

Product Line Management

Unlock efficiencies in the development of complex product lines. Reuse items, avoid redundant work, and reduce the costs of developing multiple product variants.

  • Multi-stream product line management with branching, merging & baselining
  • Reuse project configurations, workflows, and artifacts across projects

Connect all development tools to give your teams a single development platform. Easily adapt the solution to specific development needs and automate process control for regulatory compliance.

Risk Management

Integrate quality risk management in your development lifecycle for safe and reliable products. Analyse and document on risk activities for efficiency and regulatory compliance.

  • Identify, analyse, and manage risks across the lifecycle
  • Document risks and easily export risk traceability reports
  • Tie in risks with all work items upstream and downstream
  • Integrate CAPA and FMEA in your risk management workflows

Review Hub

Maintain reportable security, transparency, and accountability on all development processes. Manage collaborative approvals efficiently and in a compliant manner.

  • Collaborate with internal and external stakeholders efficiently
  • Embed custom approval gates in your workflows
  • Use timestamped e-signatures for approvals
  • Provide your teams with an efficient review dashboard

Regulatory Compliance

Control and monitor the use of mature processes across the lifecycle. Simplify compliance with safety-critical regulations, guidelines, and quality standards.

  • Define custom quality workflows and avoid deviations
  • Use baselines and history search for transparent browsing across product versions
  • Access and easily share automatically logged audit trail reports

Release Management

Stay organized and track performance, even with multiple deployments per day. Track and manage releases in a central platform.

  • Use the Release Planner to plan and monitor releases, resources, and velocity
  • Efficiently track and manage all aspects of multiple release streams
  • Report on release data and performance in real time


Turn lifecycle data into actionable insights. Create a shared data hub for all stakeholders, and achieve predictability in product development.

  • Use custom reports and dashboards to make data-based decisions
  • Filter and organize lifecycle data with a few clicks
  • Visualize data, and send automated reports to selected stakeholders

Global product engineering leaders love Codebeamer for its enterprise-grade scalability, high availability & performance, and configurable workflows. Find out why your team will love it!

Requirements Management

Turn market insights into quality products faster than ever. Gain clarity and align all contributors to cut costs and cycle times. Trace items and actions across delivery.

Software Development

Cut complexity, and build quality into your software products. Guarantee smooth collaboration across hardware, software, and service innovation disciplines. Use mature processes, whether you’re working with Waterfall, (scaled) Agile, Hybrid, or a custom method.

computer screen showing Software Development

Quality Assurance & Testing

Integrate quality management in your development processes, and build confidence in your products. Trace and manage QA activities along the lifecycle, and accelerate product verification.

computer screen showing Quality Assurance & Testing

Codebeamer for safety-critical developers

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