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Power fail-safe file system for resource-constrained systems

Tuxera Reliance Edge™ is the only embedded file system designed to capture and preserve decision-quality data with deterministic behaviour required by today’s autonomous systems. A transactional file system, Reliance Edge protects critical system and user data from corruption, especially for systems where power loss may occur. When paired with a flash memory manager like Tuxera FlashFX Tera, Reliance Edge delivers the functionality of a complete flash file system.

Reliance Edge for INTEGRITY, Free RTOS, and other RTOS es

Protect critical data

Reliance Edge is a copy-on-write transactional file system, meaning live data is never overwritten. This makes the system extremely power fail-safe. True transactional architecture ensures complete metadata and file data integrity. Dynamic Transaction Point™ technology gives developers complete compile-time and run-time control.

Uncompromising performance

Our software provides substantially faster overall performance compared to alternatives. Tuxera’s general-purpose file system I/O testing showed Reliance Edge to have a significantly higher performance in all read tests, as well as nearly all write tests. Our FSIO Test measures a variety of file I/O types, working with virtually any file system, and is included with Reliance Edge.

Ultimate control with determinism

Our configuration options allow developers complete control over which features are included, providing ultimate customizability – allowing our file system to fit your specific use case just the way you need it. Regardless of how it’s configured, its key file system operations are deterministic, providing unprecedented predictability.

Small footprint fits anywhere

Our file system is small and portable, ideal for resource-constrained embedded systems like microcontrollers. It can be configured to use as little as 4 KB of RAM and 11 KB of code.

Fast mount time

After power loss or a system crash, the system must recover rapidly to keep the data stream flowing. In these so-called “dirty” situations, no need to rely on replaying a journal or performing any other file system checks. Reliance Edge ensures your decision-quality data is safe, while mount times are lightning fast.

Award-winning Support

Tuxera’s team of file system experts will support you all the way from evaluation to implementation, going above and beyond to ensure your project performs flawlessly and on schedule. Our annual support subscriptions for Reliance Edge are available with a choice of service level options, so you can select the right degree of support that suits your needs.

Technical data

Transactional design

Never overwrites live data. Once data is written, it’s always in a determinate state.

Rapid recovery times

Mounts quickly and consistently after unexpected shutdown/power loss.

Maximum portability

Ported to many RTOSs including FreeRTOS, SafeRTOS, μC/OS, ARM mbed, MQX, INTEGRITY, and eMCOS.

Maximum portability

Ported to many RTOSs including Free RTOS, Safe RTOS, μC/OS, ARM mbed, MQX, INTEGRITY, and eMCOS.

Small footprint

Ideal for resource-constrained environments. Configurable to use as little as 4 KB of RAM and 11 KB of code

Supported block device drivers

Works with a broad array of storage media including: HDD, eMMC, SD/MMC, NVRAM, USB mass storage, and SATA (or PATA) disks.

Atomic writes

Metadata never points to wrong user data.

Reliance Edge Configuration Tool

When to use Tuxera Reliance Edge

With a small footprint and rock-solid power fail-safety, Reliance Edge is the ideal choice when you need to manage and store mission-critical data, without straining CPU and memory usage of microcontrollers, small IoT devices, handhelds, and data-critical embedded systems used in automotive and avionics.

Safety critical automotive systems using Reliance Edge
Mobile and handheld devices using Reliance Edge

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