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LieberLieber is the skilled Enterprise Architect (Sparx Systems) specialist with decades of experience in the development of customer-specific models.

Our LemonTree and Embedded Engineer extensions make working with models faster and more efficient. We focus on three main areas of expertise:

Model-Based Systems Engineering

The benefits of models in the development of systems are clear

  • Basis for discussion – The model serves as a basis for discussion for all subject experts and developers involved
  • Documentation – The model automatically creates a consistent system documentation
  • Traceability – Changes to the model can be traced and tracked at any time
  • Abstraction Levels – Models can be executed in different levels of detail, as required
  • Functional Safety Management – Models are ideally suited to comprehensively implement functional safety requirements

Systems Engineering is one of our main areas of competence.

We offer:

  • Profound knowledge of development languages such as UML and SysML.
  • AUTOSAR modelling with Enterprise Architect
  • Implementation of Functional Safety Requirements in accordance with industry standards via Enterprise Architect, UML and more.
  • Code generation and traceability
  • Model validation ensures adherence to modelling methodology

MBSE Extensions for Enterprise Architect

The Systems Modelling Toolbox (SYSMOD) is a pragmatic approach by Tim Weilkiens to model the requirements and the system architecture of a system. It provides a toolbox of tasks with input and output work products, guidelines and best practices. SYSMOD uses the OMG Systems Modelling Language (OMG SysML), but could also be used with other languages.

Lemon Tree

Special requirements on software and systems development often arise in a modern modelling infrastructure when development is handled in distributed teams. A central aspect is the merging of parallel model versions (Diff & Merge). This is one of our key areas of specialisation:

  • Comparison and merging of Enterprise Architect models
  • Parallel editing of models via optimistic model versioning
  • Seamless integration in Subversion, Git, PTC or other VCS
  • Model branches
  • Changes are shown clearly and intuitively (incl. Merge Preview)
  • Review function for calculated changes

LieberLieber’s vast project experience has resulted in an effective method for creating modelling infrastructures that meet even the most complex requirements.

The optimal use of modelling for your company is ensured by targeted design, adaptation and expansion of your infrastructure.

  • Use your existing infrastructure
  • Create an adaptation concept
  • Work efficiently even in distributed teams
  • Product line development for modelling
  • Re-use of established versioning concepts for models
  • Fulfilment of the ISO 26262 standard

Connection of various data sources for modelling.

Integration with Enterprise Architect

Modern IT solutions utilize data originating from many sources. The best and most efficient way to handle this diversity is with a model-based approach. Our years of experience have provided us with the know-how required to connect such data sources to Enterprise Architect in the best possible way.

LemonTree: Connect for Enterprise Architect

Import requirements to Enterprise Architect

Export architecture elements and traceability information to an ALM tool

Navigate from ALM Tool to EA and from EA to ALM Tool

Support for links between imported requirements and links between architecture and requirements

CodeBeamer-Connector – recommended workflow

CodeBeamer-Connector – recommended workflow diagram
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