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Unleash the potential of your embedded GUI development

In today’s competitive market, having an embedded GUI that looks great and performs exceptionally can be the difference between being noticed or being left behind.

At Crank, we take pride in helping our customers achieve their embedded UI/UX vision.

Discover why our customers love working with us and trust using Storyboard to unleash the full potential of their product’s GUI experiences. 

Why embedded GUI development teams choose Crank

Our team of embedded GUI experts created Storyboard, our embedded GUI development tool, with the simple goal of making the development of rich, engaging GUI applications more efficient for embedded product teams.

With its parallel development architecture, Crank and Storyboard have earned the trust of major household brands across different industries, as their go-to tool for creating exceptional UI applications (that often win UI/UX design awards).

With Storyboard your embedded project can benefit from:

Accelerated embedded GUI development

Keep your project on track by designing and refining your embedded GUI on time, with peace of mind that it will work on the final hardware using our pre-built runtime engines.

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Faster Iterations = Faster to Market

Revamp the design of your UI anytime, without disrupting progress already made. Storyboard’s Rapid Design Import and Iteration Technology, enables you to design, redesign, and validate GUI applications at a far superior pace.

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Future-proof & reusable GUI applications

Embedded GUIs can be seamlessly repurposed and redeployed to other hardware or products, making your development process more efficient than ever before.

Here’s how we can help:

From concept to completion, we’re here to help you address your embedded GUI development needs throughout the entire embedded UI application design and development cycle.

Embedded GUI Development Software

Storyboard streamlines the embedded design and development process, allowing you to create stunning UIs from scratch or import files directly from your favorite design tools, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, or Sketch.

By taking care of the UI/UX layout, developers can concentrate on code optimization, resulting in faster prototyping and fine-tuning on the target device.

Embedded GUI Testing Framework

We want your embedded GUI to define your brand, win you awards, and exceed customer expectations. 

Let Storyboard and Validator streamline and automate your testing process so that you can catch issues early and ensure that your GUI functions as intended.

Professional Services for Embedded GUI Development

Do you have the vision but lack the necessary resources?

Our team of embedded GUI experts are here to provide assistance with everything from design to development and everything in between. When you need additional Storyboard expertise for your project, we can help you get to market up to 50% faster and more cost-effectively than if you were to hire FTE or external consultants.

Let us help you bring your vision to life.

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