HFS+ embedded file system implementation

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Embedded HFS+ support for Linux-based devices

Tuxera HFS+ embedded for Linux and Android

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Fast, fail-safe data transfers

Our embedded HFS+ file system implementation brings Mac OS Extended file systems support to Linux- and Android-based devices and ensures seamless connectivity for Apple storage devices outside of the Apple ecosystem.

Unmatched compatibility

Tuxera HFS+ is an embedded read/write driver for Linux and Android that supports all flash media and storage types formatted with HFS+ and HFSX file systems.

Technical data and resources

Supported architectures

ARM, ARM64, Intel x86/x86_64 or compatible, MIPS, PowerPC, and more.

Operating systems

Linux, Android, QNX, Tizen, Chrome OS, and virtually any Linux-based operating system.


No practical limit on number of files, folders, file sizes, and partition sizes. Directory contents stored in B+ tree structures.

Other features

Support for APM, GPT, and MBR partition schemes. Catalog file, directory, attribute, and data caching.

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