Tuxera APFS file system implementation

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Commercial-grade embedded APFS
for Linux and Android

Embedded APFS support for Linux and Linux-based devices

abstract technology

Hassle-free storage connectivity with Apple® devices

Our embedded APFS file system implementation makes it possible for Linux® and Android™ devices to access files stored on any Apple File System formatted storage drives such as those created on a MacBook®, Mac® Desktop, iPhone®, iPad®, or Apple TV®.

Apple products by Brad Pouncey Thank you!
Apple products by Brad Pouncey

Unrivalled customisation and support

Tuxera APFS is a highly portable, FUSE-based, read-only driver that works with all APFS formatted storage systems.

Technical data and resources

Full read access

Read any – case sensitive and insensitive – macOS® and iOS® volumes APFS formatted.

Encryption and compression support

Support for software encrypted volumes and Fusion Drives, direct mounting of DMG images, plus Apple Data Compression (ADC) and zlib compression and encryption.

Other features

Tuxera APFS embedded driver also has support for symlinks, hardlinks, and extended attributes.

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