Microsoft NTFS by Tuxera file system implementation

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High-performance embedded NTFS® support

Get fast, fail-safe embedded NTFS support

Microsoft NTFS by Tuxera is a commercial-grade file system implementation that brings built-in, high-performance support for Windows® NTFS™-formatted USB, SD™, HDD, and SSD storage media to any device. Our proprietary NTFS embedded driver powers over a billion devices worldwide and is compatible with all the major operating systems.

Why choose Microsoft NTFS by Tuxera

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Incredibly smooth user experience

Microsoft NTFS by Tuxera features hardware acceleration, patented enhancements, and advanced optimizations to ensure maximum I/O throughput and high IOPS. Our commercial-grade file system implementation is 6X faster than open-source alternatives, ensuring an unmatched device responsiveness.


Outstanding reliability

We make sure that your videos, pictures, and other files are saved and that no data is corrupted if storage is suddenly removed, or power or battery is disconnected. Metadata, device integrity, and volume consistency is ensured in any of these events – making Microsoft NTFS by Tuxera a truly fail-safe solution.

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Full interoperability

Tuxera’s embedded software ensures your customers can use their portable, external storage media interchangeably with your device and others, no matter the operating system. Our NTFS solution is precision-tuned for the best performance on any platform, whether it’s Android™, Linux®, Tizen®, QNX®, Nucleus®, Windows® CE Embedded, or other proprietary RTOS deployments.

All Tuxera file system Implementations & features

Full-Service Tech Support

Our cloud-based autobuild system ensures up-to-date, immediate software integration and delivery. Plus, our engineers are on call to help you through every stage of your product’s lifetime, including full integration support.

All-Inclusive Tools and Driver Package

Our full implementation package comes with a built-to-spec, ready-to-run file system driver, all the file system and benchmarking tools you need, intensive device testing, our patented fail-safe technology, and full-service support.

Built-in Check & Repair

Errors can cause data loss – or worse – damage device hardware. Tuxera file systems go beyond other alternatives to bring you volume check and repair tools to ensure file system consistency, fix corrupted volumes, and recover lost files.

Quality-Assured Storage Software

All the software we build goes through extensive testing. We have our own state-of-the-art device testing lab where we test for interoperability, reliability, functionality, and performance.

Rock-Solid Power Fail-safety

Everything’s stored safe and sound. With Tuxera’s proprietary fail-safety technology your system can recover from unexpected shutdown, power loss, or storage removal. We can optimize the level of robustness and performance according to your specific use case.

Technical data and resources

Support for all NTFS versions

Version 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 3.0 and 3.1, including XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.0, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10

Support for all storage types

eMMC, eSD, SD card, CF Card, UFS, memory stick, SSD, HDD via USB, SATA, eSATA, FireWire, MMC, and more

POSIX conformance and Windows filename compatibility

Microsoft NTFS by Tuxera supports UTF-8 file names, 32-bit Unicode/UTF-16 encoding, and DOS, Win32, and POSIX filename namespaces

Support for all types of Microsoft Dynamic Volumes

Simple, spanned, stripped, mirrored, RAID-5

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