Microsoft exFAT by Tuxera

The go-to choice for exFAT support

Our commercial-grade file system implementation, Microsoft exFAT by Tuxera, adds external storage support for USB drives and SD™ memory cards larger than 32 GB to any device. The leading OEMs, ODMs, car makers, and Tier-1 suppliers choose Microsoft exFAT by Tuxera for fast, seamless data transfers in the latest consumer electronics and smart cars.

Why choose Microsoft exFAT by Tuxera

Easy Microsoft exFAT patent licensing

Tuxera has been a Microsoft partner since 2009 – and their first file system partner. We’re also a part of the Microsoft exFAT licensing program. With our special arrangement with Microsoft, you can purchase our proprietary exFAT file system implementation, already covered by a full Microsoft exFAT patent license. This means:

  • Hassle-free, licensed software
  • Faster time to market
  • Fully legal exFAT
  • Smart bundle pricing

SD card, memory

A must-have for exFAT storage support

Microsoft exFAT by Tuxera brings plug-and-play support for high-capacity flash storage including USB drives, external HDD/SSD, and all types of SD memory cards including SD™, SDHC™, SDXC™, microSD™, microSDHC™, and microSDXC™.

speed meter

Maximum data transfer speeds

With Microsoft exFAT by Tuxera, you get the maximum I/O throughput out of any device. Plus, our software reliably handles simultaneous recording, viewing, and uploading of several ultra-HD streams – even in embedded environments with limited resources.

Portable to any environment

Tuxera’s exFAT file system implementation runs seamlessly on a wide variety of operating systems like Linux and Android, real-time operating systems, and even on embedded devices without an RTOS. Our exFAT solution is designed with portability in mind – it runs in embedded microcontrollers with limited system resources with as low as 16 KB of RAM.

Premium user experience

Our storage software is optimized for the environment it’s embedded in. That means device users get a premium experience with reliable data storage, longer memory card lifetime, improved responsiveness when accessing stored content, and more available CPU to run their favourite apps.

Supports all exFAT specifications

Our commercial exFAT solution is based on Microsoft® and SD Association specifications. Tuxera is a board member of the SD Association, and we’re also the main driver behind SDXC adoption, an international standard for high-capacity SD memory cards.

Technical data

Platform support

Supports Android, Chrome OS, Linux, and real-time operating systems like QNX and ThreadX, plus resource-constrained embedded systems.

Standard conformance

Conforms to the Microsoft exFAT file system specification and the SD File System Specification developed by the SD Association (SDA).

Supported architectures

ARM, ARM64, Intel x86/x86_64 or compatible, MIPS, MIPS64, PowerPC, SH4 – virtually any 32-bit or 64-bit platforms.

Storage hardware

Support for all flash-based storage types such as SD cards, eSD, CF cards, SSD, USB-connected storages, SATA, eSATA, and eMMC.

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